The innovators in duct sealing since 1965 have done it again with their Mobile Duct Sealant Delivery System and specially formulated Spray Seal duct sealant. Hardcast, a member of the Carlisle HVAC Products http://www.carlislehvac.com family of brands, has tested and proven that the use of Spray Seal in conjunction with the Mobile Duct Sealant Delivery System will save labor and more effectively seal ductwork. With the advantage of a tested delivery system the sealant is spray injected into seams and joints. Spray Seal enhances pressure test passage and cuts labor for the contractor. The highest quality materials are used in Spray Seal insuring the safety of the building occupant over the life of the ductwork. Visit us at www.CarlisleHVAC.com for your connection to energy savings through reducing waste caused by leaking duct work.

ISSAC - The Inspection, Sealing and Advanced Cleaning Robot

The Inspection, Sealing and Advanced Cleaning robot, or ISAAC, is a precision machine created specifically for the inspection and repair of ductwork. The ISAAC HVAC Robotic System is capable of hard-to-reach remediation that would otherwise result in much more costly renovations. It is a robotic vehicle integrated with a digital video recorder that is speci´Čücally designed to clean, coat and seal ductwork of all types.