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2 in 1 Engineered Wall Seal & Superior Insulation Protection

Airex Manufacturing, Inc. was incorporated in 2009 and is based in Southern California.  They are a proud U.S. Manufacturer of innovative patented products for the Building and HVAC Industries. 

All of our superior products have been innovated through intense engineering, smart design, premium material selection, and rigorous laboratory testing and are now the #1 choice in the PRO HVAC industry within the wall refrigerant piping penetration outlet seals and outdoor refrigerant piping insulation protection categories.

Featured Products

Airex Pro-System Kit™ 

Airex Pro-System Kit™ is a 2-In-1 system that combines air-tight sealing with a wall-mounted piping outlet and a UV/Vapor Retarder piping insulation protection system for exterior HVAC refrigerant piping wall penetrations and outdoor insulation located at the point of service connections for outdoor equipment.

The 2-In-1 System (Includes Titan Outlet and E-Flex Guard) Offers improved sustainability, energy efficiency, and optimum performance of building wall, outdoor pipe insulation, and HVAC equipment. Due to the multi-dimensional complexities of recent building energy codes, building codes, green codes, mechanical codes, residential codes, and standards within this category, using Airex Pro-System Kit™ is the only guaranteed solution to meet all your quality needs and mandatory code requirements.